1fichier Premium Review

Having the ability to store files online can be very convenient– be it for personal or professional use. It doesn’t matter if these are documents, images, music, files, or something else; we would agree that having an online storage provider is definitely more convenient and practical than having to carry a physical hard drive wherever… Continue reading 1fichier Premium Review

katfile vs Turbobit

File hosting providers are sprouting left and right due to its demand and popularity. For that reason, it can be quite challenging to determine which among them is the best. One of the few decent file hosting providers available is Katfile.com and Turbobit.net. That’s why we’re here to compare these two to determine if they’re… Continue reading katfile vs Turbobit

Why choose filejoker.net?

We’re becoming heavily reliant on the Internet that more and more file hosting providers is sprouting left and right. Each promising to be the best but doesn’t mean it’s really true. This is what makes FileJoker different. Rest assured that you’ll be getting what you want, and even more. To give you a better idea,… Continue reading Why choose filejoker.net?

Upstore.net Review — Should I use Free or Premium Account?

Created way back in 2012, Upstore.net is by far the most popular and reliable cloud store — designed to help you upload and store files and folders on the internet whilst allowing for easy sharing with other organizations, as well as friends and family members. Features of Upstore.net User-friendly Interface Managing the files has been… Continue reading Upstore.net Review — Should I use Free or Premium Account?