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For a lot of people, the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about file sharing would be attaching a document to an email. Although this would definitely work for small-scale file sharing, once you need to share bigger files, this would be an issue. This is where file sharing services become very useful.

Online file sharing services, such as File.AL, would allow you to store and share even the largest files because your data are hosted on cloud servers for you to store, share, and collaborate. You can even upload files and share them with anyone via download link. Not just that, the best file sharing services also function as collaboration that would allow you to invite others to work on a certain file or folder. Everyone is allowed to make changes or communicate within the platform. Overview

File.AL is a file hosting provider that offers online storage, as well as remote backup capacity together with uploading and downloading tools. That means with this program, you’ll be able to share anything, ranging from videos, files, images, and the like. Details

What makes File.AL wonderful is that it works well with other apps and services that the editing and viewing of your files isn’t as complicated anymore. This is very important, especially if you’re a business owner. You need to look for a program that offers access and retrieval. That’s why you have to make sure that the provider you’re going to use can easily verify and function with other tools you use. File.AL specializes in this.

The range of capabilities being offered by File.AL, especially if you’ll opt for a premium account is incredible. It offers state-of-the-art security, synched folder that’s accessible everywhere, and the ability to perform co-editing.

Why Should I Choose File.AL

file al premium features

If you’re looking for a storage service provider that would allow you to send large files via email, File.AL would be perfect for this purpose. Likewise, if you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, with this storage provider, you’ll be able to perform that with ease. Accessing personal data from different computers is also possible, and you don’t have to carry a USB stick around you anymore. Your files are readily available online.

Of course, you also want to ensure privacy. You don’t have to worry about other users being able to access your file, as this would be kept private. As long as they don’t have the URL link, nor your account information, they wouldn’t be able to sneak. Are There Any Restrictions?

Just like with other hosting providers, although you’re allowed to upload almost any kind of files, there’s still a restriction. You’re not allowed to upload pornographic materials, sexual images, nudity, and of course copyrighted material is a big NO. To know more about what you are allowed to upload, we highly advise that you check the terms of service as well.

Deleting Files from the Server

Once you have decided that you don’t need the file anymore, and would want to delete it, all you have to do is use the delete link which you’ll get after the upload process. In such a case that you have accidentally forgotten this code, you’ll have to wait until your file expires and this would be automatically removed from the server. Cons

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to hotlink any kind of files that have been uploaded in the server. Premium Account: Pricing price

Although you can use File.AL for free, you can also get a File.AL premium account to enjoy more benefits. With a premium account, the maximum upload file size is 50000 MB and there’s no storage space limit. You’ll also enjoy remote URL upload, download accelerators support, download resume, no download delays, captcha, and advertisement. It’s also worth noting that with a premium account, your files would be on the server for up to 90 days after last download, while it’s only 7 days with a free account.

For the pricing of a premium account, you can either opt for a 30-day plan for $19.95, 60-day plan for $29.95, 90-day plan for $39.95, 180-day plant for $69.95, and a 365-day plan for $99.95. Your payment is 100% safe and secured as they accept credit card, Paypal, PaySafe Card, Bitcoin, WebMoney, bank transfer, and many more.

Final Words

File.Al is definitely one of the most reliable cloud storage providers out there. Not only is it easy to use, but you also don’t have to worry about your information or files getting compromised once you upload them.

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