katfile vs Turbobit

File hosting providers are sprouting left and right due to its demand and popularity. For that reason, it can be quite challenging to determine which among them is the best. One of the few decent file hosting providers available is Katfile.com and Turbobit.net. That’s why we’re here to compare these two to determine if they’re almost the same, or if one is better than the other. Likewise, we’ll also be discussing their differences.

What Is Katfile.com?

KatFile is a file hosting provider that offers online storage solutions to its users. Though, aside from that, they also have a remote backup capacity, as well as downloading and uploading tools that are very secure and well-updated. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about your important files getting stolen, corrupted, or lost. Everything you upload– be it images, audio, files, video, and the like are all kept in one place.

This is perfect for those who have to send large files but cannot attach them to email. Also, due to its highly secured remote storage capacity in terms of off-site backups, you’ll have the guarantee that your data files are in good hands. These are all accessible in various devices, computer, and gadgets that have Internet access. Basically, you wouldn’t have to carry a flash drive anymore.

What Files Are You Allowed to Upload?

The good thing about Katfile premium is that you’re free to upload almost anything as long as it doesn’t violate their terms of service. This could be important documents, videos, audios, family photos, and so on.

What Is Turbobit.net?

Turbobit is definitely promising, especially if you’re going to get a premium account. There are a number of benefits you can enjoy such as unlimited number of downloads and uploads. You don’t even have to register at all, just to be able to use their services. Instead, you can easily take the files needed for uploaded, and you’ll be able to upload it in their system. The only issue you might encounter would be with their free account. More often than not, you’ll end up consuming a lot of time before you can even start with the download process. Some users even complain that the free account has a very slow download speed and a 200 MB limit. These aren’t something you have to worry about a premium account. You’ll be able to use their service with ease and be able to share the files with your family and friends right away.


Both offer free and premium plans wherein the users will be able to use a number of features with the premium account, but they could also try the service through a free account with certain limits. Aside from that, both of which also allows the use of Internet download manager, and in such a case that your download gets interrupted in the middle, you could retrieve the broken files, granted that you’re a premium user. If not, then you have no choice but to start again. Other than that, there’s no denying that both of these file hosting providers are something you can really trust.

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